The Practice of Natural Movement


This book is a real tour de force! In terms of it’s ambition, purpose and at 800+ pages, it’s size.
For those within the MovNat community, as a trainer or as a student, ‘The Practice of Natural Movement is their ‘natural movement’. It’s sets the tone of the MovNat methodology, descries the system and details the philosophy of the training systems founder, Erwan Le Corre.
“Try to imagine an out-of-shape tiger stepping on an exercise machine to get a workout. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Wild animals simply move the way nature intended, and they become powerful, healthy, and free in the process. So why should it be any different for us? We have become ‘zoo-humans’, separated from nature and living movement-impoverished, unnatural lifestyles. As a result, we are suffering physically, mentally, and spiritually. In The Practice of Natural Movement, Le Corre demonstrates our innate and versatile ability to perform practical and adaptable movements.”


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