Dynamic Aging


This highly informative read is a game changer for re-thinking the importance of whole-body movement as we age. The book follows the real-life movement journey of a group of ladies who call themselves, ‘The Goldeners’. It’s a funny, informative and highly practical book that demonstrates that anyone can crawl, hang and squat they’re way back into healthy mobility.

“I MADE my dad read it! But once he got started he was hooked!” Damien Norris

What if your pain and lack of mobility isn’t due to your age, but your habits? What if changing how you move can change how you feel, no matter your age?

Dynamic Aging is an exercise guide to restoring movement, especially for healthy feet, better balance, and the activities of daily life. Biomechanist and movement teacher Katy Bowman shares exercises and habit modifications for varying fitness and mobility levels. Dynamic Aging:

– Is geared to a 50+ audience
– Includes exercises and postural adjustments that require no special equipment and include modifications for all fitness levels
– Will teach you how to move for healthy feet, improved balance, and activities of daily life
– Will help all readers move and feel better

Alongside Bowman’s instructions are the stories, experiences, and advice of four women over seventy-five who’ve used these principles and exercises for years. Along the way they found recommended surgeries unnecessary, regained strength and mobility, and ended up moving more than they did when they were a decade younger. From hiking in the mountains to climbing ladders and walking on cobblestones with ease, each of these women embodies the book’s message: No matter where you’re starting, if you change how you move, you can change how you feel.


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