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“It’s been such a pleasure to work with the crew from The Wildling Project to deliver fun and energetic parkour workshops at various Trinity College events. Dan and the team demonstrate enormous enthusiasm and professionalism in their work, right from the point of enquiry through to workshop delivery and post-event review, and our students always have a fantastic time developing their parkour skills.” – Melanie (Trinity College)

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School

“Our students at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School were highly engaged in the fun, informative parkour workshops run by The Wilding Project crew at our annual R U Ok Day event. They were able to merge physical and mental health in an exciting, challenging, and informative way. The kids were buzzing afterwards!” -Rebecca (Peter Carnley Anglican Community School)


MOVEMENT MAKEOVER is a fun, creative, 4-week program designed to transform the classroom into a movement positive zone where LEARNING & MOVEMENT are integrated.

We work hand in hand with the teacher, provide ALL of the resources and clear direction to guide teachers every step of the way. 

Our staff attend the class (via ZOOM or in person) to introduced the Theme Of The Week, deliver core messages and get everybody moving.

The 4 Week Makeover looks like this:

Preparation : Hospitality – we visit the school, check the resources, meet staff and students and discuss the movement agenda.

Week 1: Sitting Less / Standing More

Week 2: Sitting (Resting) Differently

Week 3: Toes Out / Going “Barefoot”

Week 4: Movement Breaks & Next Steps.

Debrief: Harvesting – we visit with staff to evaluate the program and consider the schools next steps. Ie., Maybe a ‘Parkour Makeover’?

How does a Movement Makeover work?

The Movement Makeovers add small, but frequent, bouts of natural movements (NOT exercise) spread throughout the school day, every day. PLUS – and this is the really important bit – the changes that we introduce live on after the program has finished = cultural change.

What is the goal of a Movement Makeover?

The goals of a Makeover is combat the problem of sedentary behaviours ie., excessive passive sitting in schools and to prove that students don’t have to always be STILL in order to LEARN. In fact research suggests that movement and knowledge acquisition are two key aspects of learning. The program focuses on practical Themes: sitting less, floor-sitting, alternative rest positions, going shoe-less, moving frequently, in a way that is appropriate in a school or professional setting.

Does a Movement Makeover take a months of time?

The program runs for a month but it doesn’t take up a month of your time. A minimum requirement is one hour of class / session time every Monday for the 4 weeks, plus short ‘seat and share’ visits: of the trial itself plus two more, shorter, visits to the school, one before and one after the program.

Do I need special equipment?

The program is designed to be accessible to as many situations as possible. The program can be completed without any equipment at all. Participants may  be asked to bring in a cushion for one of the weeks. Otherwise, any available equipment like yoga blocks, yoga bolsters, blankets etc are useful to showcase the breadth and creativity of the program.

Is there a set time to run the program?

No. You decide when you want to run the program and a time that is convenient.


  • SPECIAL PARKOUR EVENTS: R U Okay, Staff Team Building, School Fundraisers & Challenges
  • PARKOUR CLASSES: Kindy to Highschool

* For parkour coaching courses, seminars professional development and parkour design and consultation services see PARKOUR ED.

Our staff come to your school. We can use our equipment or yours. Or you can come to us.

What we want to do is share the experience of parkour with EVERYONE. Students and teachers have so much fun they won’t even know they’re exercising!

VIDEO: The playgrounds of yesteryear! We think these decade old playgrounds and the modern ‘Adventure Playground’ have A LOT in common. The future of play looks … FUN!