"For the Love of Movement"

Gymnastics, Acrobatics, GymFIT & Tumbling for Children & Adults

Parkour, Free-Running & Rewilding Movement Training for Children & Adults

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What people say

Good fun for kids and promising gymnastics. Kids will get higher self-esteem and more confidence. Recommended

- Toufic Kashab (Parent)

Our 7 year old loves it. She counts the days down every week until its gymnastics day. Great place to learn and develop her skills.

- Ben Davies (Parent)

This is a fantastic environment for kids and adults to learn more about functional movement. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all ages

- James Hunt

Just finished Adult Rewilding and could not be more impressed this team. I learned some awesome movement techniques that I can now incorporate into my everyday life.

- Tony Berry: Adult Student in Rewilding

Its great for adults as well, the instructors are great always keen to help, have a great passion for what they are doing and believe in what they are teaching!

- Luke Johnson: Parent, Former Gymnastic Student & Adult Current Rewilding Student

Adult Rewilding is progressive movement class that revisits basic movements that all adults need more of!!! Highly recommended if physical exercise hasn't been part of your lifestyle for years!

- Lara Koay, Physiotherapist: Parent x2 children in gymnastics, Former Gymnastic Student & Adult Student in Rewilding