“We’re Having a Baby!” (Written November 2015):

Bridgitte: “Can you check the oven? I’ve got something on.”

And suddenly the pressure in the room drops. Nothing like the news of being responsible for a life that’s not your own to sharpen one’s focus!

I’m going to be a father.

In the most wonderful way possible: by surprise. Bridgitte has left, literally, a bun in the oven! Today I learned that I’m going to be a dad! Heck! I’m barely capable of looking after myself let alone be responsible for a whole life.

Okay. First things first. I’m excited. Unbelievably excited about becoming a dad. It’s something Bridgitte and I have talked about for some time. We’ve planned for this. We’ve been trying.

And now here we are. Here I am. In Post-Dad world.

Now I’m not the most methodical planner. If I had to describe my skill set I’d say that I’m an ideas man. I like to conceptualise a novel idea or an initiative. I can then see my way forward and organise the walk towards that goal, but I’m completely open to bumps along the road; unexpected curves and delays.

I don’t like to forecast every conceivable potential variable. I’m like an ‘action learning’ kind-of-guy. More a ‘ready-shoot-aim’ person than a ‘read-ready-ready-steady-aim-aim-shoot’.

But now! With the the news of being a dad. Suddenly I’m not prepared to ‘wing-it’. I don’t think my ‘action learning’ style is going to cut-it.

Quite unexpectedly, when I think about my future ‘dad-life’ the thing that troubles me most about being a dad is not, being a dad, but the state of my body right now and whether or not it is up for the task of being a dad!

I am NOT fit!

I’m also NOT old. But I feel old.

When my future child enters his or her teens I’ll be in my sixties! SH!T.

I need to get fit.