We have five basic senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. They all send feedback from the environment to the  brain. But there are two other sensory systems that are rarely talked about — the proprioceptive system and the vestibular system.

Proprioception gives us the ability to perceive the motion and position of our bodies in space, while the vestibular system is responsible for balance and coordination.

The development of both of these senses relies heavily on sensory input we receive through bare feet. When activated by pressure and movement, nerve endings in the feet called proprioceptors send signals to the brain telling it how the body is oriented.

The information gained from proprioceptors “is used to protect the foot itself from injury, but it’s also used by the brain to make subtle adjustments in your gait to protect bones and joints all the way up your body and to maximize the efficiency of your movements,”

[From The Barefoot Book Dr. Daniel Howell]