"The body did not evolve to be domesticated."
TWP’s movement classes are a blend of parkour, gymnastics and whole-body functional movement designed to reclaim and maximise the full range of human physical abilities.
Why is whole body natural movement important?
The human body of a person 200,000 years ago is almost exactly the same as the body of a person today.

The environmental demands forced upon the body of our ancestors forged a formidable being; a body that is agile, strong and powerful.

What has changed, radically, and in a very short space of time (100 years), is the environment that the body lives in. At least the body of a person living in a modern urban environment.

Our modern ‘built environment’ almost completely severs the connection between our human form and environment that shaped it.

Without these demands our bodies live a life that is functionally passive and inert. Sedentary.

Our technological progress may have achieved a higher degree of physical comfort, but as far as the human body is concerned, it has been domesticated!

We have ‘wild’ bodies but we sit more, eat more and do less.

The outcome of this radical transformation of our lived environment and sedentary life has, we think, had hugely detrimental impacts on our physical and mental health.

We know intuitively that ‘caged things’, including human bodies, don’t fare well! The list of health impacts caused by a sedentary life and limited physical movement is well documented.

What is more interesting is that even bodies that exercise regularly are likely to be ‘actively sedentary’; meaning, once an analysis of a person’s movement behavior during and exercise is conducted we find that the movement patterns are linear, repetitive, predictable and that the movement practice (or exercise) is confined to only a tiny percentage of a person’s waking life:

“Oh you exercise 3 hours a week! Cool. What do you do during the other 109 hours of your waking life?”


You get the point. Actively sedentary.

Sedentary and actively sedentary bodies cannot reclaim the full range of human movement simply by doing traditional exercise alone. Aerobics, running, cycling or ‘working-out’ by themselves are too linear. You need something more.

The good news is that you can reclaim your full range of human movement via whole body movement training and Rewilding is perfect vehicle for this.

Want a  wild body again? Let’s get started.

Rewilding and TWP Parkour classes reacquaint children and adults with their own body. Our programs are designed to make well-rounded and competent human beings. People who can crawl, balance, jump, climb, run, lift and carry, thrown and catch: a perfect generalist.
All TWP staff have relevant qualifications from MovNat, A.D.A.P.T (UK) or the APA.