VIVO ALL-TERRAIN’ 15% Off Voucher


IMPORTANT: You have bought a voucher to purchase any Vivobarefoot shoe (or selection of shoes) at 15% off.

VIVO sell a lot of shoes! An we sell ALL of VIVO’s shoes. If you can get them we can get them at a reduced price! And if you can’t get them now … we’ll get them as soon as they are available.

Nice to have a discount voucher, RIGHT?

The VIVO (AUS/NZ) store can be found here:

We sell you anything you can find from that store and we do the very BEST to get you the best deal on their range.

We’ll price match anything you find anywhere in Australia and New Zealand and your dollar helps to support a growing whole-body movement club in Perth, globally, and help marginalised youths in our (Perth) area to participate in parkour training.

This voucher gives you access to 15% off your next VIVO purchase.

The fee for this voucher is deducted from the total price of your shoe purchase and you are eligible to claim 15% off. If you want to negotiate a better deal! Ask. We’re open to ideas.

VIVO stock fluctuates A LOT! So if the shoe(s) you want are not available now, we’ll get them in as soon as they are available or refund your entire voucher.

IMPORTANT: This VOUCHER is for Australian and New Zealand buyers only.



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