In any policy, term, condition, rule or code “Olympic” means Olympic Fun & Fitness, Olympic Gymnastic Academy and The Wilding Project. The terms “management” and “administration” refer to all officers, employees, agents and volunteers engaged for the management and administration of Olympic.

Indemnity & Acknowledgement (copied here from the Online Enrollment form)
The actives conducted at Olympic include but are not limited to: strength, conditioning and stretching, gymnastics, parkour, free-running, bouldering, trampolining, ball sports, acrobatics and natural movement.

I understand that the learning of these activities involves risk. For example, these activities can involve training at heights and moving at speed, falls or collisions with equipment and other persons. These activities may cause injury or serious injury.

Understanding the risks I accept that I, my child/children, named in my enrollment, take part in the activities at Olympic under the guidance of appointed staff.

I have disclosed to Olympic any history of injury, disease or weaknesses that would limit or impact my or my children’s ability to participate in the activities conducted at Olympic and will disclose any future changes that may impact on participation.

I acknowledge and agree that during all such times as I, other family members and or/visitors are on the premises of Olympic or its surrounds, that my property, my person and any child under my care and control shall be at my own risk in every respect.

I agree that Olympic and all its officers, employees, agents and volunteers engaged for the management and administration of Olympic are to be free and clear of all responsibility whatsoever for any accident or illness during my child’s participation in any of the activities conducted at Olympic.

In the event of any accident or illness, I authorise Olympic to obtain such medical assistance as is required and agree to meet any expense thereto.