"Learning the skills to play safe"
What is PlaySafe?
PlaySafe is a movement and skill-based physical education program designed specifically for Primary Schools.

Students come to our venue (preferred initially) and we come to schools to teach students what they need to know to successfully, and safely, navigate play-ground spaces and each other.

A question-based movement class

We teach children important safely lessons in real time by setting a question and then tailoring the movement class around discovering the answer.

In this way we’re able to engage the full spectrum of pedagogical styles with obvious learning benefits.

Students learn invaluable lessons about the playground, playing with others in confined spaces and the limitations of their growing body.

Kids have so much fun they won’t even know they’re exercising!

Here’s are just a few important questions from the syllabus:


How high is too high?


What's around the corner?


The ground is wet! Does that make a difference?


I can climb that but should I?


Is this space big enough for running?

We also do school visits and excursions!
Want to come to Olympic just for FUN? Try a one off program of gymnastics and parkour? Or would you like a weekly fitness and exercise programs? We do it ALL! Contact us to find out more.

VIDEO: The playgrounds of yesteryear! We think these decade old playgrounds and the modern ‘Adventure Playground’ have A LOT in common. The future of play looks … FUN!

We’ve been hosting schools at Olympic (and visiting schools) for a while.

One of the biggest needs we’ve identified is that kids need , and can, learn to be critical thinkers while playing.

PlaySafe: a question-based movement program that uses important questions as the basis for a movement class.


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