.. and a whole lot more!
Parkour and Free Running are two of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Parkour is a term derived from the French word parcour, meaning journey, route or course. Those who practice parkour are Traceurs (men) or Traceuse (women). Parkour involves moving through an environment as efficiently as possible with only the aptitudes of the human body and an assortment of learned techniques. It is demanding, fast paced and fun! Free-Running? Think parkour with frills! Navigating the same course with flips, tricks and style!

TWP’s Parkour program is wholly unique because it blends natural movement and modern parkour. The basic elements of TWP Parkour are run, climb, balance, swing, vault, jump, roll and quadrupedal movement, but because we blend natural movement into our classes students learn to throw, lift and carry and rope traversing techniques.

Once students master the ‘ground-work’ we move into the air! Literally. Students will begin a life-long journey of navigating space! Dive-roll, somersaults, ariels and unique swinging dismounts.

Our mix of parkour, free-running and natural movement allows us to build physical competence, courage and situational preparedness. Students work as individuals and in teams to overcome a range of challenges.

"Be strong to be useful."

"Start together. Finish together."

"Respect the training, your team-mates and your environment."

We have two parkour streams: Wildlings & TWP Parkour with five stages: Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Vision:


Parkour KIDS! (60mins)


Mon &/or Thur: 3:45PM

Become a Wildling and start laying the ground-work for more advanced training.

Wildlings parkour is for young beginners aged 7-8yrs.

We cover most of the same introductory material as the Earth program but on softer purpose made IMPACT equipment.

TWP Earth

TWP Parkour Level 1 (60mins)


Mon: 3:45PM, 5:00PM & 6:15PM

EARTH is TWP’s introductory class designed to teach the basics of parkour. We call it EARTH because it establishes the ‘ground‘; a foundation of skills that a Traceur will use in all future classes.

Traceur’s develop their knowledge about the art of parkour and the basic techniques needed to land, roll, jump, vault, swing and climb safely and with skill.


TWP Parkour Level 2 (60 or 90mins)


Mon or Thurs: 5PM or 6:15PM (60mins)


Wed: 6-7:30PM (90mins)

NOTE: Participation in the 90min class is by  invitation only. It requires that participants have either passed TWP-EARTH or passed an entrance assessment.

AIR represents motion & flight and is TWP’s Level 2 class. Traceur’s extend Level 1 movements add add new new techniques involving acrobatics, lifting and carrying.

Air is demanding physically and mentally as the challenges and obstacles increase in difficulty, size and complexity,

“The limit of your body marks the limit of your world. Put simply, where your body can’t reach, you can’t go.”
– Damien Norris (Founder of The Wilding Project) –
Class Details

1 hr classes for boys an girls.


1.5hr classes for TWP Earth and Air


TWP Parkour classes run during the school term.


Every class is important as each lesson builds on the previous one.


You can attend more then one class per week. Many students attend Monday & Thursday and some also come to open sessions.


Class size is limited to 10 participants.

Elements of TWP Parkour

TWP Parkour is as much an art (l'art du deplacement) as it is a sport; combining parkour, gymnastics and natural movement.


The basic elements of TWP Parkour are running, climbing, balance, swing, vaulting, jumping, rolling and quadrupedal movement.


TWPs free-running sessions cover acrobatic skills and the natural movement component adds throwing, lifting & carrying and rope traversing.


It's more than just physical exercise. Our aim is to develop strong, capable and respectful young men and women.



The Wilding Project shares a training venue with Olympic Fun & Fitness. We have a wide range of purpose built parkour equipment including (we think) Perth’s best parkour bar set-up and unencumbered use of 600sqm of gymnastic equipment! We could not be happier.
Parkour is not for the timid, but it should also not be dangerous. We strike a balance between safety and challenge and we think we have the mix right.

We have purpose-built soft foam designs, ample safety matting and hard modular equipment that is capable of countless arrangements. This allows TWP coaches to challenge the students in a safe, carefully structured environment.