INTRODUCING Daniel Grigson: the lead fitness coach at Olympic Fun & Fitness.

Dear Friends,

This is my first BLOG, which I hope will become a regular series, that aims to help you on your journey to live a healthy life. To be completely honest, I’m on this journey too.

Right now I’m in my mid-forties with young family and a hectic life. And it is only in recent years (since becoming a dad) that I had to make some serious changes to my exercise health and lifestyle.

You see, in the 90’s I was on the National Gymnastics team. Being an elite athlete is an extremely (and understandably) selfish pursuit, which I don’t regret. I trained hard and through my pursuit of excellence in the sport of gymnastics I was lucky enough to travel the world.

The journey was incredible and in 2000 I retired from gymnastics and tried other sports for fun. I also settled into formal study (Exercise Science). And if course I partied!

When actual work began I was lucky enough to work on large scale projects in the health and fitness industry; in Australian and overseas. And of course, as a young man with no ties I had a little more freedom.

But then something happened. I started a family. Suddenly my entire focus shifted to ensuring the health and happiness of my family. I had to became a lot less selfish and focus on others. I’m probably not telling you anything new here. However, where am I going with this tale?

The impact on my health from starting a family was HUGE! Less time for me. Less fitness. More weight. And so, from all of this what did I NEED to learn?

“Don’t remove your selfishness.”

 It’s not something that most of us can easily say to ourselves: Be Selfish! 

But here’s some advice I received from Todd Durkin; one of my favourite mentors. He’s saying the same thing, “Be Selfish”, but in a different way: 

“Your no good to anyone, if you don’t look after yourself”

And Todd’s right. I needed to take care of Number #1, me, in order to be a better man, better father, better husband for others.

Looking after yourself is not a random activity. Like anything worth doing, if you want to do it well you need a plan. I needed a plan! So, after drawing on a bunch of resources I managed to come up with what I called an ‘IMPACT PLAN’; my very own self-care health, fitness and wellness plan that encompassed the following areas of life:

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Life skills
  4. Relationships

To me an IMPACT PLAN is something that is SUSTAINABLE. It takes a little bit of time to create and settle into but the pan is yours and it lasts. It’s also a personal and private plan insofar as you make the plan with the help of others (ie., Me!). An IMPACT PLAN is a self-regulated-checklist that reminds you of the promises you made to yourself, your obligations and ultimately the plan holds you ACCOUNTABLE.

As the lead fitness coach at Olympic Fun & Fitness I’m currently busy sharing my passion helping our movement clients get fit and create their own IMPACT PLANs. I’m doing this in GYMFIT classes and in private tuition. It is a lot of fun!

And you can join in!

Over time I intend to write more about the various aspects of the IMPACT PLANning process in this BLOG. Maybe you’ll read something that will be of help to you in your life. Maybe you’ll be inspired to join me in the gym.

So, thank you for reading this far! It has been lovely to share a little bit of my journey, my passion and to throw out an invitation for you to join me in the gym.

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Daniel Grigson was on the national team of gymnastics for ten years. He was an athlete-in-residence at the Australian Institute of Sport (A.I.S), Canberra and exposed to cutting edge sports science and training. He completed a degree in Exercise Science at the University of Western Australia and has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2005. Daniel has worked for companies within Australia and overseas (including, Woodside Petroleum, Transfield Services, Salvation Army, Broadspectrum, NSW Fire Brigade and the West Coast Eagles Football Club) He now manages Olympic Fun & Fitness and conducts GYMFIT classes promoting whole body movement, healthy living and getting people moving WELL!

Daniel Grigson