Almost everything our family owns has been sold, gifted or donated. What remains of our worldly possessions fit easily in a single (now locked) bedroom. Our home has been rented. And our bags are packed with everything we’ll need for a family of three to survive, for one year, on the road. Or so we hope.

We’re leaving home to travel the planet!


The Wilding Project: Then & Now

Just before the year ended in 2016 I wrote* the following in my diary:

* Read the word ‘wrote’ as referring to random scratchy notes penned in my diary. Not always penned while sober. But always about meaning, life and significance.

‘The Wilding Project’. Business Name? An opportunity? Can I work for myself and make a lifestyle that is completely new?

To ‘make’. To make something is to be involved in a creative endeavour. If living is an art. And if making art requires imagination, freedom, some daring and an idea. Then I have an idea! The Wilding Project!


Oftentimes the resolutions we make at this time of the year are rarely kept. But some of them are. Like the promise I made to myself to quit my job and make The Wilding Project become a reality.

Two years on from that 2016NYE resolution The Wilding Project (TWP) is now a steadily growing business that continues to excite me and those who work there.

For the readers who don’t know, TWP is currently an exercise and movement business located in Perth Western Australia. Our modest but hard-working parkour, gymnastic and natural movement venue is slowly building momentum.

But a ‘bricks and mortar’ business that teaches people how to move well, from 3 years of age to 103, is just a part of the vision that inspires me. The complete TWP vision is something much more. Something bold. And the dream of it keeps me striving to be better.

And that’s why our family has left Australia on a global traveling plan for an entire year. To find and learn from the world’s best. To make the full TWP vision become a reality.

As I type these words Bridgitte, Remy and I, are sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight to Singapore.


Gone, Gone, Gone and Gone

We did not document our ‘Pathway To Minimalism’ very well. We tried but Vlogging, Blogging or anything tech related are skills we’re still learning. 


You can watch our first three ‘Marie Kondo’ videos HERE. We’ll make more. I still need to answer the question I posed at the beginning. “If I had less stuff, would I have more time for fitness?” I now know the answer.


The reality is that over the last six months, while following Marie Kondo’s method, we sold, gifted, donated or threw away almost everything we own. The car, bed, leather lounge, clothes, kitchenware, books, CDs, drones. All the things we have worked hard to afford and carefully maintained.


As much of it as possible. What remains has been locked away in a single room in the house we’re now renting. And yet, as I shut the door on the room with all of our possessions tucked away in the dark I could not help but feel that I could have done better.

I could have divested myself of more. Sold more. Gifted more. I ask myself, “Why am I leaving behind bags of stuff that I KNOW I will not use for a year? Surely that means that I do not need these things.”

 A question for another time.


Everything We Need Is In A Bag: Plane Travel – The Beginning

Remy: one small Kathmandu backpack and a stroller

Remy is nearly three and we want him to experience life on the road too. What it means to choose to take something of value. What it means to have to carry what you want to carry and how to make the choice to leave something behind.

Bridgitte: one personal bag and one carry from Kathmandu

Bridgitte likes the good stuff. The right product for the right job. Which kinda means there are a few extra things she needs to bring along. So Bridgitte inhabits two bags and part of the family suitcase. Still a very minimal amount of gear for a year!

Damien: one personal bag and one carry on (both from Kathmandu)

Me? Perhaps I caught the Marie Kondo ‘bug’ a bit stronger than most but I’ve gone all-out on minimalism and only having the bare essentials. I elected to have carry on luggage only, which includes all the tech I need to help run TWP remotely. Ambitious.

Family: one checked suitcase

Remy has is own bed! I am not kidding. It’s the coolest inflatable travel bed EVER. Plus we have overnight pull-ups and way too may clothes for the boy. We’ll learn!

Kathmandu came on-board as a clothing sponsor for my MovNat Cert III adventure and extended their hospitality to help Remy into his first backpack and Bridgitte a few travel items. We’ll be road-testing these products.

Everyone knows we sell VIVOs. We love them. I’ve taken my favourite all-round shoe (Primus Trail FG, Black) but I’m super excited because I now have my first pair of everyday VIVOs to try.

The Ra II, wild leather in black.

So excited!

I’ll be checking out how these VIVOs work and function on the road and will report back.

If anyone want’s a pair of VIVO’s you can email the club direct or get them here from our AMAZON store.

And that’s it!

All-in-all it is not a lot of gear but my bag feels overstuffed. Over time I’m sure I’ll get better at packing and making choices about what to pack.

In truth, I so over-thought the ‘what to pack’ question that in the end I settled on a simple formula for travel packing, which I’m road-testing now. I’ll share the results with you later.


MovNat Cert III

Initially I was leaving Australian to attend the MovNat Cert III and then come home. Along the way the entire family decided to drop everything, quit jobs, and take off!

Making this one choice to travel the world for an extended period of time opened a whole new mode of being and a world full of opportunities. People to visit. Businesses to learn about. Places and landscapes to explore and a family to share it all with! Movement opportunities EVERYWHERE!

I’m heading to MovNat Cert III in Austria now. That’s my first stop but it’s another 10 days until I get there and I need to keep up my training. Which presents a novel problem: “Where and how do I train?”

I’ve become so accustomed to the luxury of having a training facility in my front yard. Bars to hang on. Vaults to navigate. Sure I move and train in nature but now, while I’m traveling, every day of every week will require me to move in new terrain.

Everyday will be potentially different. Will I find opportunities to practice hanging and swinging? Will I be able to find suitable places and obstacles to train on?

I say, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

So here’s a challenge:

“Can I make my ‘gym’ on the road?” Can I? Now that’s a worthy challenge.

Damien Norris is the founder and senior whole-body movement and lifestyle coach at The Wilding Project (LINK), Perth Western Australia.

Recently featured in TEDxPerth (LINK), Damien teaches children, young people, adults and seniors how to move and live a full life!

Olympic Fun & Fitness and The Wilding Project like Rewilding is dedicated to a movement rich life. Programs like Gymnastics, GymFIT, FootyEDGE, Parkour, Workplace Athletes, ActiveAgers and more all follow a simple philosophy, “Learn to move well and then never stop.”

Damien Norris