MovNat Cert III Master Course begins tomorrow and the participants are slowly gathering at The Sports Halle, Vienna Austria. When everyone has arrived we’ll drive to our mountain home in Hohe Wand, but for now we get to enjoy one of the worlds most innovative whole body exercise and trainging venues. Take a look!

The Sports Halle is a modern day version of the gymnasiums of old that I’ve written about before.

Before gyms took on the look of ‘assembly lines’ of bodies lined up in front of mirrors and rows of barbells, treadmills and machines, gymnasiums were places like the Sports Halle. Exercise venues with plenty of space, obstacles, ropes and much more. Places that celebrate the human body and allow the full expression of all that the human form is capable of.

I’m one of the first to arrive and within minutes my shoes are off, I’ve rearranged the ‘furniture’ and have started to play. A few minutes more and I’m in a lather of sweat and beaming from ear-to-ear; moving, exercising, stretching, climbing, hanging.

As more MovNat participants arrive hands are shook, names are exchanged, shoes are removed and a feeling that something special is underway begins to grow.

It becomes immediately obvious to me that the room is slowly filling with competent and capable bodies. Everyone here has achieved Cert I & II. Most (but not all) are MovNat teachers and trainers themselves and the depth of knowledge about movement, exercise and fitness is palpable.

It’s exciting. I’m thrilled and a little nervous. Will I be able to keep up? Have I trained hard enough?

As the free-training continues I make my first friend: Anders Heymuth-Clausen. A real life Viking from Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s as tall as a giraffe, covered in remarkable tattoos and full of energy. At first sight he’s an intimating presence. And then he smiles! A big, warm, wide red-bearded grin that welcomes.

There is a fire burning in the heart of Anders from Copenhagen. A fire that exudes a genuine warmth and a passion for moving. I’m instantly drawn to him.

We smile and laugh as we get to know each other’s personality and movement rhythm. He’s tall, angular, full of muscle. How he manages to hulk his huge frame around so effortlessly has me mesmerized.

In comparison I feel like a weasel; darting around his shadow, jumping, vaulting and rolling around.

As the informal movement session ends and we’re all gathering up our things to share a bus ride to Hohe Wand, I find myself shaking Ander’s hand again. We’re laughing at our good fortune for having met each other and commending each other on our skills.

Then in a strong accent, with a huge grin Ander’s says, ““All that is left is to raid and pillage!”

We break out laughing and join the others on a bus to Hohe Wand; our mountain home for the next 4 days. The conversations between us all flows easily. Stories are told and new names are learned.

I’m sitting back by the window catching the sun on my face and thinking how lucky I am to finally be at MovNat Cert III and grateful that the other attendees, to a person, seem as passionate about natural movement as I am.