I asked the question innocently enough, “Why don’t you and Remy come with me to Austria for the MovNat Cert III course?” The response was unexpected and life changing. “Sure”, says Bridgitte. “But why don’t we just keep going?”

“Where?” I ask. “Anywhere! We’ll follow the sun.”

And with that answer a plan started to form.

As a family we were already committed to de-cluttering our home by following the Marie Kondo method, but now that activity took on a whole new level of significance. Now we had a bigger purpose.

What If we could sell everything we own and use the money to explore life (and movement) on the road as a family? The idea was enticing.

Culturally we’re a blended family. My wife is a brown-Indian-Goan-Canadian and me, white-Australian. We have family living in two hemispheres: Portugal, Canada, Australia. It’s always hard to decide where to be. Both of our parents are alive and well and we miss them when we are apart.

I’ve been talking about completing MovNat Cert III since 2016 and while establishing The Wilding Project I’ve been speaking with gym owners, parkour club owners, authors, movement coaches and specialist and so many more.

These people are from Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. There is so much that I want to know and learn and the people with the best knowledge are scattered all over the planet!

So the proposition of an extended period of travel was not so crazy.

If we don’t have anything to keep safe. If do not own possessions to be secured, protected, tended to and watched over. And if what we do for a living can be done from the road then why not follow the road where it leads?

And while we’re at it, why not visit all of the people and organisations who have inspired me and made The Wilding Project a reality?

Why not indeed.

So life turned 360 degrees and the new view of our future looks very VERY different. It’s a view with a very special horizon.

As a family we resolved to continue to sell, gift, donate, re-purpose and discard everything we own. Or as much of it as possible.

I’ll continue to train for MovNat Cert III and will start to organise meetings with all of the movement practicioners from all over the planet. I plan to sit with them. Train with them. Steal, um … learn, all of their wonderful secrets in order to better inform myself and The Wilding Project.

Marie Kondo I take it all back. All those nasty expletives I used to describe you. All my moaning and complaining. I take it all back. You may just be an unexpected blessing in disguise. It seems that the simple act of de cluttering can have very VERY interesting consequences.

In this installment of our Marie Kondo journey we tackle Komono: miscellany.


We  … um … didn’t!